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Business Card Backgrounds

business card backgroundsFor photo business card backgrounds, you can choose from our Stock Business Card Background Photos, or send your own (see our photo business cards article for info on sending your own business card background photos).
If you're using graphics or patterns as your business card backgrounds, there are a couple of simple things to consider:

1. How detailed is the business card background? Is it too busy for text to stand out against it? Patterns with stark contrast can be very difficult to work with on business card backgrounds. Zebra stripes, for instance; alternating black and white can be almost impossible on business card backgrounds due to the contrast. Light colored text gets lost over the white stripes, dark text gets lost over the black. You can sometimes make this work by reducing the opacity of the background, like making the business card backgrounds look like a watermark.
2. Color Schemes in Business Card Backgrounds: many customers want to use the same color scheme for their business card backgrounds and text that they have in their logo. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Just make sure that the text color contrasts the business card backgrounds' colors enough to stand out. If it doesn't, try using a multi-colored business card background and another contrasting color for the business card text. For instance; if your company colors are gold and yellow, you may want to try a gold to yellow gradient for the business card background and black text on top.

sample business card backgrounds

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